Research of the Destruction of Ice Under Shock and Explosive Loads

Maxim Yu Orlov, Yulia N. Orlova

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A theoretical and experimental research of the behavior of ice destruction under shock and explosive loads was carried out. Full-scale underwater explosive experiments and laboratory impact experiments were performed. Especially to study the properties of ice with explosive loads, a mobile laboratory “Explosive Destruction of Natural Materials” was organized. The results of the full-scale experiment of the current year are given. Post-penetration analysis of destruction of three-layer ice targets with a low-velocity impact is presented. Briefly, the mathematical model of ice destruction under dynamic loads is described. The numerical method contains a new way for isolating discontinuity surfaces of materials. The impact of an ice cylinder on a rigid wall is modeled, which is considered as a quantitative test. The penetration of a metal container into thick ice is quantitatively described.

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