Research of Influence Modification of Natural Concentrate on Quality Metal

S. N. Fedoseev, R. A. Gizatulin, E. A. Korotkova

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Questions of increase of mechanical, technological and service properties of metal at minimum cost to produce it are relevant for the metallurgical enterprises. Modification of complex steel alloys containing reactive elements is one of the effective ways to improve the quality of steel. At the same time the direct costs for the use of modifiers are 0.2-0.3%, which little effect on the cost of production. The paper presents the results of the application of natural concentrates as a modifier steel. The effects on the metal quality changes due to the impact of the modification concentrates demonstrate the effectiveness of their application. As a result of modification decreased the content of nonmetallic inclusions and grain size. Reduction of impurity modified metal of was the cause more high plastic properties, especially, impact strength at ordinary and low temperatures of tests. Based on the experimental data evaluated hardening mechanisms that lead to a significant improvement of physic-mechanical properties of the metal workpiece after administration modifier.

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