Research of GIS-services applicability for solution of spatial analysis tasks.

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Experiments for working out the areas of applying various gis-services in the tasks of spatial analysis are discussed in this paper. Google Maps, Yandex Maps, Microsoft SQL Server are used as services of spatial analysis. All services have shown a comparable speed of analyzing the spatial data when carrying out elemental spatial requests (building up the buffer zone of a point object) as well as the preferences of Microsoft SQL Server in operating with more complicated spatial requests. When building up elemental spatial requests, internet-services show higher efficiency due to cliental data handling with JavaScript-subprograms. A weak point of public internet-services is an impossibility to handle data on a server side and a barren variety of spatial analysis functions. Microsoft SQL Server offers a large variety of functions needed for spatial analysis on the server side. The authors conclude that when solving practical problems, the capabilities of internet-services used in building up routes and completing other functions with spatial analysis with Microsoft SQL Server should be involved.

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