Research of fault-tolerant switched-reluctance motor of electrical oil pump

Georgy I. Odnokopylov, Viktor G. Bukreev, Ivan A. Rozaev

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The relevance. Nowadays oil production is one of the priority areas of industrial development in the country. It leads to requiring fur ther research related to increasing the efficiency of the electric motor included in the installation of the centrifugal pump. The emergency failure of an electrical motor entails to well shutdown, which leads to significant economic losses. Therefore, ensuring the fault tolerance of the executive motor is one of the most important tasks for oil and gas complex. To eliminate well shutdown and ensure production continuity in the event of a motor phase failure, it is necessary to use a promising type of electromechanical energy converter such as a switched-reluctance motor. It is crucial issue to develop and improve control systems and implement fault-tolerant control algorithms witch currently have not found application in oil production. The main aim of the research is to investigate the operation possibilities of the switched-reluctance electric motor in emergency nonphase operation modes; to develop fault-tolerant control algorithms to preserve and restore the operability of the switched-reluctance motor with single and multiple failures of power circuits. Object of the research is three-phase switched-reluctance motor of pump in non-phase operation modes, operated in oil production. Methods: mathematical theory of electric machines; numerical methods used in description of dynamic electrical, mechanical and magnetic processes; mathematical modeling and programming in MathCad and Matlab Simulink. Results. The authors have developed the mathematical and simulation model of a fault-tolerant three-phase switched-reluctance drive, obtained and analyzed the pressure-flow characteristics of operation in an emergency non-phase mode using algorithms of fault-tolerant control of a switched-reluctance motor.

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