Remote ultra-wideband tomography of nonlinear electronic components

V. P. Yakubov, S. E. Shipilov, R. N. Satarov, A. V. Yurchenko

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The efficiency of using ultra-wideband (UWB) signals for nonlinear radar is investigated. In the case at hand, it is necessary to see, based on scattered field disturbances, whether nonlinear inclusions are present in the field of view. The solution suggested is to compare the shapes of UWB signals reflected from the probe area under two conditions: an additional generator irradiating the probe area by intense monochromatic radiation is switched on and off. If a nonlinear electronic component is present in the probe area, the reflected UWB signals differ in shape. Thus, the difference in the shapes of the signals indicates the presence of a component with a nonlinear characteristic.

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