Regularities of the formation of the near-surface gradient structures after magnetron sputtering of molybdenum on a titanium nickelide surface

L. L. Meisner, A. I. Lotkov, M. G. Ostapenko, E. Yu Gudimova, G. V. Arysheva

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The structural-phase states of TiNi alloy surface layers with molybdenum coatings ̃200 and ̃400 nm thick deposited by magnetron sputtering and features of the fine atomic crystal structure of the coating mate-rials, transition layers, and TiNi surface layers adjacent to them are studied by X-ray diffraction analysis. It is established that the composition layers which arise as a result of the deposition of the molybdenum coating can be described as a gradient submicrocrystalline structure of phases with the body centered cubic lattice. The transition from a layer to an underlayer is accompanied by the change in the lattice parameter of the main phase of the layer. This provides interfacing of the layer structures and continuity of the "coating/TiNi sub-strate" compositions.

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