Regularities of Plasma-Immersion Formation of Long-Pulse High-Intensity Titanium Ion Beams

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The results of experimental investigations on plasma-immersion formation of ballistically focused beams of low-energy titanium ions with the pulse duration up to 30 μs are presented. The processes of neutralization of the space charge of high-intensity beams upon increasing the ion-current density by a few orders of magnitude during their focusing are addressed. The conditions of preliminary injection of the metal plasma, its parameters, the formation of the beam plasma during residual-gas ionization and secondary and thermionic emissions are shown to be of critical importance for an effective transport of these beams in the equi-potential drift space. It is demonstrated that the use of a disc electrode, preventing the macroparticles from penetrating the region of the ballistic beam focusing, increases the efficiency of long-pulse titanium ion beam transport and simultaneously reduces the probability of instability development.

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