Regularities of formation and features of the defect microstructure of craters in V- and Mo-based alloys irradiated with a high-power ion beam

A. N. Tyumentsev, M. V. Tretjak, Yu I. Pochivalov, A. D. Korotaev, S. V. Ovchinnikov, G. E. Remnev, I. F. Isakov, O. V. Panin

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Optical metallography and transmission electron microscopy have been used to study the crater formation and the changes in the phase composition and in the defect substructure inside and around the craters of a different diameter formed in V- and Mo-based alloys under the irradiation by a high-power ion beam with the ion energy of 250 keV, ion current density of 200 A/cm2, and pulse duration of 50 ns. The effect of coarse nonmetallic inclusions of carbides and zirconium oxides on the regularities of the crater formation in vanadium alloys has been investigated. Possible mechanisms of this phenomenon and its role in a structure-phase surface modification have been discussed.

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ЖурналSurface Investigation X-Ray, Synchrotron and Neutron Techniques
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