Recording of electromyographic biopotentials using nanosensors and osteosynthesis performed using porous implants with bioactive coatings as a basis for creating upper limb

Diana K. Avdeeva, Sergey I. Tverdokhlebov, Arnold V. Popkov, Elena N. Gorbach, Mikhail M. Yuzhakov, Nikita V. Turushev, Maxim L. Ivanov, Radik Kodermiatov, Guo Wenjia, Anna I. Kozelskaya

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In this work, it was shown that the level of biopotentials recorded on muscles by nanosensors is sufficient for the mental control of the prosthetic arm in real time without additional processing. To properly control the upper limb prostheses, training and practice are necessary. To achieve stable attachment of the limb prosthesis to the stump, the titanium implants with the extramedullary fixation or intraosseous arrangement were used. It was shown that the implants with porous structure performed better than monolithic ones.

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ЖурналInternational Journal of Mechanical Engineering and Technology
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