Recombination of hydrogen atoms on the surface of alkali metal salts

V. P. Grankin, N. D. Tolmacheva, Yu I. Tyurin

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Hydrogen atom recombination coefficients γH were measured for polycrystalline NaCl, KCl, NH4Cl, Na2SO4, Na3PO4, and Na2CO3 samples in the temperature range 295-600 K. The influence of adsorbed H2O, O2, and other molecules on the catalytic activity of the samples was studied. A model of recombination of hydrogen atoms taking into account the presence of a layer of adsorbed molecules and the possibility of transfer of excess recombination energy to these molecules was suggested. The concentration of hydrogen atoms and molecules in the gas phase had a strong influence on γH.

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ЖурналRussian Journal of Physical Chemistry A
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