Rapid SERS-based recognition of cell secretome on the folic acid-functionalized gold gratings

Olga Guselnikova, Barbara Dvorankova, Kamila Kakisheva, Yevgeniya Kalachyova, Pavel Postnikov, Vaclav Svorcik, Oleksiy Lyutakov

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Nowadays, functionalization of the plasmon-supported nanostructured surface is considered as a powerful tool for tumour cell recognition. In this study, the SERS on a surface plasmon polariton-supported gold grating functionalized with folic acid was used to demonstrate an unpretentious recognition of melanoma-associated fibroblasts. Using cultivation media conditioned by different cells, we were able to detect reproducible differences in the secretome of melanoma-associated and normal control fibroblasts. The homogeneous distribution of plasmon energy along the grating surface was proved to provide excellent SERS signal reproducibility, while, to increase the affinity of (bio)molecules to SERS substrate, folic acid molecules were covalently grafted to the gold gratings. As proof of concept, fibroblasts were cultured in vitro, and culture media from the normal and tumour-associated lines were collected and analysed with our proposed SERS substrates. Identifying individual peaks of the Raman spectra as well as comparing their relative intensities, we showed that the proposed functional SERS platform can recognise the melanoma-associated cells without the need for further statistical spectral evaluation directly. We also demonstrated that the SERS chip created provided a stable SERS signal over a period of 90 days without loss of sensitivity. [Figure not available: see fulltext.].

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