Radiomodification of mechanical properties polydicyclopentadiene of electrons

M. Yu Kozhanova, O. V. Litvinenko, A. A. Lyapkov, I. S. Golubenko

Результат исследований: Материалы для журналарецензирование


The results of experimentally obtained data on the change in the physicomechanical properties of a thermosetting polymer with a unique complex of technically valuable properties are considered and analyzed. In the study of mechanical properties, the dependence of the tensile strength of radio-modified polydicyclopentadiene synthesized by the PolyHIPE technology on the dose was revealed. A study of the modification of the physicomechanical properties of the polymer showed an inhomogeneity in the dependence of the voltage change on deformation, observed when the samples were irradiated by electrons in the entire range of doses, at 50 kGy, this effect is most clearly represented. A reduction in the strength limit by 42% was established for irradiation. The growth of tensile stress in the dose range from 20 to 40 kGy was determined experimentally to the value for the unirradiated sample. A graph of the strain-force dependency family is presented for irradiation with different doses, irradiation with a dose of 40 kGy, the curve characterizes the change in the deformation properties of the material, despite a general decrease in the strength characteristics of the material.

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Номер статьи012013
ЖурналJournal of Physics: Conference Series
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СостояниеОпубликовано - 16 апр 2019
Событие7th International Scientific School-Conference of Young Scientists on Modern Problems of Physics and Technologies, MPPT 2018 - Moscow, Российская Федерация
Продолжительность: 16 апр 201821 апр 2018

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