Radiometric survey with the use of thermoluminescent detectors in course of oil and gas pools exploration

I. S. Sobolev, A. A. Grishko, L. P. Rikhvanov, V. S. Baranovsky

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The article deals with aspects of using a variety of radiometric survey method based on application of artificial thermo-luminescent detectors for studying radioactivity of earth surface in course of oil and gas pools exploration. Accumulated material allows with sufficient assurance to estimate potential of thermo-luminescent survey and suggests its reliable efficiency under conditions of Central Siberia. Possible mechanisms and causes resulted in originating radioactive anomalies over oil and gas accumulations which are most intensively manifested within water hydrocarbon contacts are reported in the article. Particular examples of oil and gas fields demonstrate that radio-geochemical anomalies recognized on the surface are well correlated with location of oil and gas fields at the depth. Presently, thermo-luminescent radiometric survey procedure is adapted for West and Central Siberian conditions. Its using is possible as additional method while geochemical investigations of regional seismic prospecting. Separately and in combination with other direct methods of oil and gas exploration it could be used in hydrocarbon delineation on the territory possessing similar conditions with "reference" productive areas.

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ЖурналGeologiya Nefti i Gaza
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