Radiation Stability of Triple Coatings Based on Transition-Metal Nitrides Under Irradiation By Alpha Particles and Argon Ions

A. I. Potekaev, S. B. Kislitsyn, Vladimir Vasilevich Uglov, A. A. Klopotov, I. D. Gorlachev, V. D. Klopotov, L. S. Grinkevich

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The data on the influence of irradiation of (Ti, Cr)N1–x coatings by helium and argon ions on their surface structure are presented. The (Ti, Cr)N1–x coatings 50–300 nm in thickness were formed on carbon steel substrates by vacuum-arc deposition. Irradiation of the coated specimens was performed in a DC-60 heavy-ion accelerator by low-energy 4He+1, 4He+2 and 40Ar5+ ions and high-energy 40Ar5+ ions up to the fluence 1.0·1017 ion/cm2 at the irradiation temperature not higher than 150°С. It is shown that irradiation of the (Ti, Cr)N1–x coating surface by 4He+1, 4He+2 and 40Ar5+ ions with the energy 20 keV/charge does not give rise to any noticeable structural changes nor any surface blistering, while its irradiation by 40Ar5+ ions with the energy 1.50 MeV/amu causes blistering.

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