Radiation-induced reactions in breast cancer patients after breast-conserving surgery with intraoperative and external beam radiotherapy

L. I. Musabaeva, V. A. Lisin, V. V. Velikaia

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    The present study is aimed to evaluate the frequency and severity of radiation-induced reactions in patients with stage T1-2N0-1M0 breast cancer, who received intraopeartive radiation therapy (IORT) in combination with external beam radiotherapy (EBRT). A small-size betatron producing 6 MeV electron beam was used for IORT. External beam radiotherapy was performed using Rokus and Theratron machines. Radiotherapy treatment was planned using a specially devised method to ensure acceptable levels of severity and frequency of radiation reactions. The patients were divided into 3 groups: the study (40 patients), control (88) and comparison (50) ones. Radiation-induced skin reactions in the study group ranged from erythema to moist desquamation and edema. Magnetic laser therapy was used to treat radiation-induced injuries. The applied method of estimating the total dose of IORT and EBRT was shown to provide the acceptable levels of severity and frequency of radiation reactions.

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