Radially and azimuthally excited states of a soliton system of vortex and Q-ball

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In the present paper, we continue to study the two-dimensional soliton system that is composed of vortex and Q-ball components interacting with each other through an Abelian gauge field. This vortex-Q-ball system is electrically neutral as a whole, nevertheless it possesses a nonzero electric field. Moreover, the vortex-Q-ball system has a quantized magnetic flux and a nonzero angular momentum, and combines properties of topological and nontopological solitons. We investigate radially and azimuthally excited states of the vortex-Q-ball system along with the unexcited vortex-Q-ball system at different values of gauge coupling constants. We also ascertain the behaviour of the vortex-Q-ball system in several extreme regimes, including thin-wall and thick-wall regimes.

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