Quasiparticle structure of superheavy nuclei in α-decay chains of 285Fl and 291,293Lv

V. G. Kartavenko, N. V. Antonenko, A. N. Bezbakh, L. A. Malov, N. Yu Shirikova, A. V. Sushkov, R. V. Jolos

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Two mean-field potentials, Woods-Saxon and Skyrme based potentials, are used to calculate the energies of low-lying one-quasiparticle states. The spectra of the low-lying states and the α-decay spectra of nuclei belonging to the α-decay chains of 285Fl and 291,293Lv are calculated and compared with the available experimental data. Dependence of the splitting of the pseudospin doublets and of the energies of the unique parity neutron one-quasiparticle states on the mean field potential are discussed. As shown, the α-decay spectra could be different in the α-decay chain and at the direct production of the nucleus in a fusion reaction.

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