Quasi-classical trajectory-coherent approximation in quantum mechanics of a charged particle in a curved spacetime

V. G. Bagrov, V. V. Belov, A. Y. Trifonov, A. A. Yevseyevich

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Using Maslov's complex sprout method the complete set of quasiclassical trajectory-coherent quantum states (TCS) for the Klein-Gordon equation in a curved spacetime in the presence of external electromagnetic and background scalar fields up to the order of O(32/) at to 0 was constructed. The approximate solutions Psi v are strongly peaked around the worldline neighbourhood of the charged particles. The method of reducing the initial Klein-Gordon equation to the Schrodinger type equation for which Psi v are exact solutions has been developed. In the quasi-classical trajectory-coherent approximation based on the 'gamma -reconstruction' technique the concept of the local time for a quantum scalar particle in a curved spacetime has been suggested. In general it has been stated that the constructed TCS Psi v permit the standard quantum-mechanical interpretation.

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ЖурналClassical and Quantum Gravity
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