Quantum Effects at a Proton Relaxation at Low Temperatures

V. A. Kalytka, M. V. Korovkin

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Quantum effects during migratory polarization in multi-well crystals (including multi-well silicates and crystalline hydrates) are investigated in a variable electric field at low temperatures by direct quantum-mechanical calculations. Based on analytical solution of the quantum Liouville kinetic equation in the linear approximation for the polarizing field, the non-stationary density matrix is calculated for an ensemble of non-interacting protons moving in the field of one-dimensional multi-well crystal potential relief of rectangular shape. An expression for the complex dielectric constant convenient for a comparison with experiment and calculation of relaxer parameters is derived using the nonequilibrium polarization density matrix. The density matrix apparatus can be used for analytical investigation of the quantum mechanism of spontaneous polarization of a ferroelectric material (KDP and DKDP).

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