Quality assurance in engineering education in Russia

Alexander Chuchalin, Viktor Kruglov

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According to the Federal Law, accreditation in Russia exists at two levels, state (run by a governmental organization) and professional (run by public professional organizations). The Federal Education and Science Supervision Service (Rosobrnadzor) is the governmental organization that is responsible for state quality assurance in education. The state quality assurance system is an assessment of HEI based on a comprehensive analysis of HEI resources and activities. It includes licensing and state accreditation. State accreditation is institutional. Professional accreditation focuses on the assessment of the content and quality of particular HEI's educational programmes. The Russian Association for Engineering Education (RAEE) is responsible for professional accreditation of educational programmes in engineering and technology. In 2009, the RAEE modified the criteria for accreditation of engineering programmes taking into account the new Federal Educational Standards and considering the membership in international organisations (Washington Accord and ENAEE). The new RAEE criteria are discussed.

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