Pulsed plasma chemical synthesis of TiO2@TixCyOz nanocomposite

Roman Sazonov, Galina Kholodnaya, Denis Ponomarev, Olga Lapteva, Fedor Konusov, Ruslan Gadirov, Igor Zhirkov

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In this work, the TiO2@TixCyOz nanocomposite was obtained by adding a buffer gas to the initial mixture of reagents by the pulsed plasma-chemical method. Argon was used as a buffer gas. Pulsed plasma-chemical synthesis was realized using a TEA-500 electron accelerator. The physicochemical properties of the obtained TiO2@TixCyOz nanocomposites (morphology, average particle size, elemental, and phase composition) were studied. It was shown that by changing the buffer gas concentration, it was possible to control the phase composition, particle size, and shell thickness of TiO2@TixCyOz nanocomposites. The values of the band gap were calculated for the synthesized TiO2@TixCyOz nanocomposites. The photocatalytic and adsorption properties of TiO2@TixCyOz nanocomposites were studied.

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ЖурналFullerenes Nanotubes and Carbon Nanostructures
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