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SixCyOz composite nanopowder with an average size of particles about 10-50 nm was produced using the pulsed plasma chemical method. The experiments on the synthesis of nanosized composite were carried out using a TEA-500 pulsed electron accelerator. To produce a composite, SiCl4, O2, and CH4 were used. The major part of experiments was conducted using a plasma chemical reactor (quartz, 140 mm diameter, 6 l volume). The initial reagents were injected into the reactor, then a pulsed electron beam was injected which initiated the chemical reactions whose products were the SixCyOz composite nanopowder. To define the morphology of the particles, the JEOL-II-100 transmission electron microscope (TEM) with an accelerating voltage of 100 kV was used. The substances in the composition of the composite nanopowder were identified using the infrared absorption optical spectrum. To conduct this analysis, the Nicolet 5700 FT-IR spectrometer was used.

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