Pulsed plasma chemical synthesis of carbon-containing titanium oxide-based composite

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The carbon-containing titanium oxide-based composite was first obtained using a pulsed plasma chemical method. The composite was obtained from the following reagents: TiCl4, CH4, and O2. The physical and chemical properties of the TixCyOz composite powders were studied (morphology, chemical, elemental and phase composition). The presence of spherical particles and the cubic and prismatic particles were typical for the synthesised carbon-containing titanium oxide-based composites. The large particles are observed (the average size exceeds 150 nm) and smaller particles (the average size is 15–30 nm). The presence of the dense layer of amorphous carbon (10–15 nm thick) around particles is typical for the composites. The peak with a maximum of 1080 cm−1 is registered in IR absorption spectrum of the TixCyOz synthesised composite. The presence of IR radiation in this region of the spectrum is typical for the deformation of atomic oscillations in the Ti-O-C bond, which indicates that carbon and titanium in the composite are bound through oxygen. The content of the defined amount of titanium carbide has not been detected.

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