Pulsed discharge in nitrogen and argon under an elevated pressure in a nonuniform electric field

M. V. Erofeev, I. D. Kostyrya, V. F. Tarasenko

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The characteristics of a discharge and radiation in nitrogen and argon under pressures of 10-760 Torr and the discharge formation without pre-ionization of the gap from an auxiliary source are considered. A peak is detected on the pressure dependence of the radiation power of the second positive system of nitrogen for E 0/p 270 V/cm Torr and nitrogen pressure p 70 Torr. In the pressure range 10-760 Torr and for a voltage pulse leading front duration of 10 ns, an electron beam is formed behind the grid anode with various half-amplitude pulse durations. It is shown that, under the given conditions, the electron beam is formed at the voltage pulse front both in the case of a discharge gap breakdown and in the absence of a clearly manifested breakdown, as well as for a 10-ns delay of breakdown at the leading front of a discharge current pulse.

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