Pulsed cathodoluminescence of single-crystalline and pressed CaF 2: Yb 2+,Yb+ 3

V. I. Korepanov, K. Zh Bekmyrza, V. M. Lisitsyn, E. A. Garibin, P. E. Gusev, A. A. Demidenko, M. A. Krutov, I. A. Mironov, V. M. Reiterov, K. S. Baktybekov

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We have studied the pulsed cathodoluminescence spectra and kinetics of CaF 2:Yb 2+,Yb 3+ (3 mol % YbF 3) single crystals and pressed samples under excitation with nanosecond electron pulses and determined the characteristic times and intensities of nanosecond and microsecond emission decay components at temperatures from 15 to 300 K. The results demonstrate that deformation pressing in vacuum at 1150°C followed by annealing in a CF 4 atmosphere at 1180°C has an insignificant effect on the emissive properties of CaF 2:Yb 2+,Yb 3+.

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