Psychological computer testing based on multitest portal

Oksana Stanislavovna Zharkova, Olga Grigorievna Berestneva, Aleksandr Vladimirovich Moiseenko, Olga Vladimirovna Marukhina

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The article devoted to the problem of creating a universal tool for computer psychological testing based on portal MultiTest. The portal is a WEB-server with multi-user access to ensure privacy and security of information received. The description of the portal structure, potential user groups (anonymous, tested, teachers, editors, analysts, administrators, super administrators) and their capabilities is given. Particular attention is given to the "test editor", developed by authors, with the help of which creating and adding new psychological tests is available even for users without programming experience. Tools used by the user with an editor rights are editing modules arranged in a database. The paper presents two applications developed on the portal basis: 1) a vocational guidance test for applicants of the Tomsk Polytechnic University and 2) assessing the IT-specialists competence.

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ЖурналWorld Applied Sciences Journal
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