Lev A. Saruev, Anastasiya V. Shadrina, Alexey L. Saruev, Sergey S. Vasenin, Aleksandr V. Pakharev

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The relevance. In the process of horizontal directional drilling, it is often necessary to overcome solid inclusions or hard rocks, that requi& res the use of a rational way of their destruction by an impact. However, the existing percussion mechanisms of modern drill rigs form power impulses of irrational form, which do not take into account the properties of the rock to resist destruction. This form of power pulses and the short duration of their impact on the rock reduces the drilling deeper, forming a tensile deformation wave that destroys the drilling tool. Therefore, there was a need for scientific substantiation and development of a conceptually new technique to improve the technology of pilot bores horizontal directional drilling. The main aim of the research is scientific substantiation and development of a fundamentally new former of power impulses in the drill string, taking into account the behavior penetration resistance into the rock, and new design of thread joints of drill pipes, taking into account the wave nature of the power impulses propagation through them for pilot bores horizontal directional drilling. Object: facilities of horizontal directional drilling of pilot wells using the energy of power pulses propagating through the drill string. Methods: review and analysis of scientific and technical information; methods of theoretical and applied mechanics; strain measure& ment of the drill string during elastic deformation waves propagation via a bench simulating artificial bores; mathematic simulation of the power pulses forming system and the process of their propagation through thread joints of the drill string. Results. The paper introduces the overview of trenchless technology. The authors have identified the prospects for improving the technology of horizontal directional drilling of pilot bores as the initial stage of trenchless pipe laying technology and proposed the techniques to improve the horizontal directional drilling of pilot wells, providing a significant increase in penetration drilling rate.

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  • Drill pipe joint
  • Drill string
  • Drilling rig
  • Horizontal directional drilling
  • Hydraulic system
  • Power pulse

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