Properties of absorbed dose distribution in heterogeneous media

A. G. Kondratjeva, A. M. Kolchuzhkin, V. A. Lisin, I. S. Tropin

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    Accuracy of calculation of the absorbed dose spatial distribution into patient body is an important task in the radiation treatment of cancer. The correct calculation determines radiotherapy effectiveness. Thus, researches are improving calculation methods permanently to achieve running speed and accuracy increasing of used algorithms of calculation routines. The algorithms of routines for calculations of absorbed dose radial distributions into homo- and heterogeneous medium irradiated by directional source of photons are described in the presented work [1, 2].

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    ЖурналJournal of Physics: Conference Series
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    Kondratjeva, A. G., Kolchuzhkin, A. M., Lisin, V. A., & Tropin, I. S. (2006). Properties of absorbed dose distribution in heterogeneous media. Journal of Physics: Conference Series, 41(1), 527-530. [061].