Processes in the prebreakdown stage of a low-pressure discharge and the mechanism of discharge initiation in pseudospark switches

A. V. Kozyrev, Yu D. Korolev, V. G. Rabotkin, I. A. Shemyakin

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    A time-dependent model for the rapid current rise during initiation of the discharge in a pseudospark switch is presented. The following assumptions are made: (1) the gas is ionized only by electrons that originate at the cathode; (2) the cathode emissivity is infinite; (3) the average ionization cross section is constant; (4) the ion charge density is independent of gap position. The results are in qualitative agreement with a previous experimental study of a nitrogen-filled switch operating between 6 and 20 kV for a range of gas pressures. The model provides a straightforward approach for estimating pseudospark breakdown times.

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    ЖурналJournal of Applied Physics
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