Process of formation of spheroidal gold particles and of nanophases in AlN-TiB2-TiSi2 coatings after annealing with subsequent implantation

Artem Demianenko, Katerina Smyrnova, Bahyt Zhollybekov, Anatoliy Kupchishin, Yoshihiko Takeda, Hiroshi Amekura, Henryk Komsta, Marek Opielak, Konrad Kierczynski

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This paper presents new results on investigation of the influence of Au- negative ion beam implantation and thermal annealing at 900°C and 1300°C on the structure and characteristics of AlN-TiB2-TiSi2 coatings prepared by magnetron sputtering. Using a scanning electron microscope (SEM) with microanalysis (EDS), X-ray diffraction (XRD), high-resolution transmission electron microscopy (HRTEM), the crystal structure, surface topography, and the microstructure were characterized.

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ЖурналHigh Temperature Material Processes
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