Problems of innovation course of development of russian mining enterprises

S. A. Prokopenko, V. S. Ludzish

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Innovative development of Russian industry requires a comprehensive improvement of its enterprises through the development of innovations, either generating within production systems, or emerging on the market. These innovations, which are the enterprise resource, require the technical and economic assessment and determination of the size of obtain benefit. New technical developments, proposed by the scientists and innovators to the industry can have less, equal or higher price in comparison with the applicable decisions or material resources. However, the price shouldn't be the selection criterion, but there should be used the unit costs of innovation per work unit. Misunderstanding of these costs and inefficiency of their calculation, lead either to rejection of innovations, which are profitable for enterprises or to the above-budget spending. Ignoring of purchases of new and economical cutters for mine combines, which have shown the 100-300 % rate of return during the industrial tests, represents the inferiority of economic policies, pursuing by the current managers of Kuzbass coal mines. Mastering of new economic categories and changing of goal-setting from "cheap" to "profitable" by the staff of mine supply departments are required for the innovative development of enterprises. There is proposed the matrix (model) of comparison of the innovative product with the used one in the production technology (by the example of coal mining), using the criterion of unit costs per work unit. There are given the appropriate examples of profitability of acquisition of innovative, more expensive, but effective products. The author directs and encourages managers of mining companies and enterprises and their supply departments to evaluate products on the proposed criterion, in order to intensify the innovative development.

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