Probable oil resource localisation for Jurassic and Cretaceous oil-and-gas complexes in Ust-Tym mega depression

G. A. Lobova, S. A. Popov, A. N. Fomin

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The main objective of this work is oil and gas potential evaluation in Upper Jurassic - Cretaceous, Paleozoic - Lower - Jurassic Ust-Tym mega depression deposits based on paleotectonic reconstruction and paleotemperature modeling. The thermal history of all oil generation series in the cross section of 10 deep wells was reconstructed. Sets of maps showing the distribution of geotemperature and intensive oil generation areas location in Bazhenov and Togur series for 10 key sedimentation time-periods were constructed.Schematic density maps for primaryaccumulated Bazhenov and Togur oils were constructed. Efficient prospect and exploration survey for Cretaceous and Upper Jurassic, Middle Jurassic, Lower Jurassic and Paleozoic oil and gas generation complexes within the separate zones and the mega depression edges was recommended.

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