Pricing factor for import of limited mineral raw materials

Grigory Yu Boyarko, Vitaly Yu Khatkov

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The relevance of the work is caused by the need to study the influence of a price factor on the commodity flows of Russian import8de8 pendent mineral products. The aim of this study is the investigation of changes in world prices for import8dependent mineral products, definition of types of im8 port8dependent mineral raw materials, the volume and share of imports of which depend on the price factor. Research methods: statistical, graphic, logical. Results. During the period of 1996-2016, the world prices for the following import8dependent mineral products: zinc concentrate, ba8 rite, graphite, refined tin, sodium chloride (rock salt), bentonite, soda, zirconium concentrate, alumina, hydrofluoric spar, chromium concentrate, feldspar, titanium dioxide (titanium pigment), bauxite, kaolin and refractory clays, increased. World prices have decreased for rutile concentrate and boric acid. The profitability of imports of commodity mineral products with prices lower than the world ones is obvious, but only if their supply is stable. But at the same time, it is likely that import supplies will stop quickly. The group of total im8 port dependence with prices lower than the world prices - manganese ore, manganese metal, hydrofluoric feldspar, and ferroniobium, which can be stopped for non8economic (political) reasons, is of some concern. It is necessary to create national extractive industries, at least partially closing the deficit of these goods. The price factor acts by stimulating, at high world prices, a decrease in the import de8 pendence of bauxite, bentonite, soda and molybdenum concentrate, and an increase in import dependence with a decrease in world pri8 ces for zinc concentrate and feldspar. A group of commodity types of mineral raw materials with import prices at the level of the world ones, changes in the volume of imports of which are regulated by non8price factors - refined tin, ferrovolfram, borax, silicomanganese, ferromanganese, graphite and ferromolybdenum. The critical group with a predominance of non8price factors also includes import8de8 pendent products: Tungsten concentrate, boric acid, sodium chloride (rock salt), chromium concentrate, ferrochrome, titanium dioxide (titanium pigment).

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