Preparation of ultrafine Cu3Si in high-current pulsed arc discharge

A. Ya Pak, K. N. Shatrova, N. E. Aktaev, A. S. Ivashutenko

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The results of experimental research into ultrafine copper silicide production in plasma high-current pulsed arc discharge are shown. According to X-ray diffraction, the product consists primarily of η″-Cu3Si (81%) and contains copper and silicon. A study of the material by transmission electron microscopy reveals the formation of elongated pointed copper silicide crystals with cross-sectional dimensions of approximately 250 nm. The presented method of preparation of copper silicide allow one to obtain grams of the ultrafine product per one operating cycle of the system, the duration of which is about 0.5 ms. The materials prepared may be used in the power industry, for example, for the manufacture of electrode systems of power supplies.

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ЖурналNanotechnologies in Russia
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