Preparation and X-ray structural study of 1-arylbenziodoxolones

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Various 1-arylbenziodoxolones can be conveniently prepared from 2-iodobenzoic acid and arenes by a one-pot procedure using Oxone (2KHSO 5·KHSO4·K2SO4) as an inexpensive and environmentally safe oxidant. This procedure is also applicable for the synthesis of the 7-methylbenziodoxolone ring system using 2-iodo-3-methylbenzoic acid as starting compound. Structures of four 1-arylbenziodoxolone derivatives were established by single-crystal X-ray diffraction analysis. An enhanced reactivity of 1-aryl-7-methylbenziodoxolones toward nucleophiles compared to unsubstituted 1-arylbenziodoxolones has been found.

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