Preclinical investigation of general toxicity of a new injection preparation of A(1,2)-L-rhamno-A(1,4)-D-galactopyranozyluronane from Acorus calamus L.

K. A. Lopatina, A. A. Churin, A. M. Gur'ev, E. P. Zueva, T. I. Fomina, T. I. Vetoshkina, T. Yu Dubskaya, T. Yu Lamzina, L. A. Sadrikina, E. P. Fedorova, O. V. Neupokoeva, E. A. Safonova, T. G. Razina, S. G. Krylova, E. N. Amosova, O. Yu Rybalkina, M. V. Belousov

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The acute and chronic toxicity of a new preparation of a(1,2)-L-rhamno-a(1,4)-D-galactopyranozyluronane from Acorus calamus L. intended for antitumor therapy was studied at the stage of preclinical research. As a result of acute experiments, it was established that the drug administration in the maximum permissible amount had no toxic effects on test animals (rats and mice). The study of chronic toxicity showed that the new drug intraperitoneally administered in doses of 20,100 and 200 mg/kg for three months did not cause death of animals or any pathological changes of their general condition, body weight dynamics, and functional activity of internal organs and systems. Clinical and laboratory parameters in animals during chronic experiments did not differ from those in healthy animals. Some dose-dependent local irritation was observed.

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