Power supply system model of remote processing equipment

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Nowadays, the relevant and challenging research areas are survey of crustal structure, natural environment of the world ocean, and oil and gas resource potential. To perform such studies, various submersible equipment with remote energy source is often applied. This equipment includes electrotechnical equipment of tethered submersibles and electric motors of submersible centrifugal pumps. Longterm operation of such processing equipment requires continuous electric power supply over a cable-rope. This problem can be solved using specialized power supply systems that provide the necessary voltage conversion of the primary energy source, most often of limited power. The main aim of the research is to solve the problem of approximating a nonlinear mathematical model of the power supply system of processing equipment by a simpler model in the state space. This problem is rather important when designing voltage regulators of the power supply systems for submersible centrifugal pumps of oil-production equipment and tethered submersibles. The methods: state variable method, methods of mathematical modeling. The results. The authors have developed the algorithm for approximating a nonlinear mathematical model of the power supply system of process equipment over a cable-rope. The resulting simplified model was represented in the state space and allows us to use well-proven methods of the linear control theory to synthesize a voltage regulator. Conclusion. The paper describes the simpler model in the state space of the power supply system of processing equipment with an AC power transmission over a cable-rope. A comparative assessment of the simulation results introduced in the paper shows the validity of the model of a reduced order in relation to the initial, more complex mathematical model.

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