Possible directions for using bran in heat-power engineering

Maria Gaydabrus, Igor Razov, Roman Tabakaev, Vitaly Lebedev

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In connection with the necessity of providing of ecofriendlyness of energy the researches sent to the increase of stake of biomass in fuel and energy balance are actual direction of science and technique. The aim of work is put the study of heating engineering properties of bran and research of possibility of briquetting as it applies to the power use in the stratified fire-box devices. Research methods included standard methodologies of ISO and physical experiment. It is shown as a result of research that bran on the warmth of combustion is comparable with brown coals, but has a less ash-content considerably. However shallow factious composition of bran and caking in the process of ashing will result in high operating costs at their incineration in a natural kind. The variant of the power use of bran is considered as the preforms got the thermal pressing, and the optimal temperature of pressing, equal 150°C. On the example of pressing of shell of cedar nuts possibility of the use of bran is shown as connective, is set here.

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