Positron annihilation in ionic media and an optical model of the positron

K. P. Aref'ev, E. P. Prokop'ev

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It is proposed that positron motion in quasiatomic positron + anion systems formed in anionic media can be described by a potential of the form Veff(r) = Zeff/r2-η/r, where Zeff is the "effective" charge of the nucleus, and n is the effective charge of the anion. It is shown that the positron wave function of the ground state of the quasiatomic positron + anion system in the field of such a potential is ψX(r) = l/√4π·Anx·rX·e-ar. Thus the validity of selecting a test variation positron wave function ψ(r) = l/√4π·A·r·e-ar is demonstrated for the potential Veff = ∞ at r = 0 and Veff = -η/r for r > 0 (Gol'danskii-Prokop'ev optical positron model, Fiz. Tverd. Tela, 8, 515 (1966)), belonging to the class of functions ψX(r). Having the wave function ψX(r) and Slater wave functions ψns,p(r) of the electrons, annihilation photon angular distribution (APAD) curves are calculated, together with halfwidths of the APAD curves and positron lifetimes τns,p.

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