Porous Cordierite Ceramic with Pore Formers of a Different Nature

T. A. Khabas, T. V. Vakalova, K. S. Kamyshnaya, E. V. D’yakonova, A. I. Cherepanova, A. A. Biryukova

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Results are provided for development of porous ceramic materials based on cordierite. The pore forming agents used are wood waste and carbamide in crystalline form. Analysis of the pore structure shows that all specimens have a complex pore space structure with a considerable number of elongated connected pores. The best porosity parameters are achieved using an organic crystalline pore former. It is shown that nano-dispersed aluminum metal has a strengthening effect during porous ceramic sintering. An organic clay suspension improves cordierite powder sintering capacity and leads to formation of additional nano- and micro-pores.

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ЖурналRefractories and Industrial Ceramics
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