Polyelectrolyte Microcapsule Arrays: Preparation and Biomedical Applications

Alena S. Sergeeva, Dmitry A. Gorin, Dmitry V. Volodkin

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In the need of development of versatile and flexible platforms for sensing and other biomedical applications, micro- and nanostructured particle arrays attract strong scientific interest. In this review we focus on fabrication of arrays of polyelectrolyte layer-by-layer assembled microcapsules and bio-related applications of such arrays. A cargo encapsulated in the microcapsules can be released on demand, thus opening perspectives for biosensing, diagnostics, controlled drug delivery, and tissue engineering. Here, we also consider a new composite system—microcapsules embedded into polymeric film—both components are made by the LbL technique. Fabrication approaches and perspectives in the preparation and in the use of the microcapsule arrays are addressed.

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