Point source of UV-radiation with a frequency of 1 kHz and short pulse duration

E. Kh Baksht, V. F. Tarasenko, Yu V. Shut'ko, M. V. Erofeev

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Radiation of the discharge plasma from a nanosecond breakdown in a nonuniform electric field of short interelectrode gaps is investigated. Voltage pulses with incident wave amplitude of ~10 kV, pulse duration of ~1 ns (FWHM), and pulse front duration of ~0.2 ns are used. It is demonstrated that for pulsed-periodic breakdown of the gap 0.5 mm long in air at atmospheric pressure, the main contribution to plasma radiation give lines of the electrode material and the continuum, and the maximum radiation intensity is registered in the region of 200-300 nm, where ~40% of total radiation energy is concentrated.

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ЖурналRussian Physics Journal
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