Platinoid deposits of the North-Asian craton and its framing: Metallogeny and geodynamics

D. A. Dodin, G. V. Polyakov, O. A. Dyuzhikov, A. F. Korobeinikov, E. A. Landa, V. N. Melkomukov, G. L. Mitrofanov, A. V. Savitskii

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Regularities in occurrence and formation of leading commercial and potentially commercial platinoid deposits in the North-Asian craton and its framing are tentatively defined. These deposits are associated with taphrogenic structures of the Aldan-Severnaya-Zemlya, Far-East, Arctic, Amur-Altai, and Central-Asia-Chinese Pt-bearing belts. Globally, these structures are related to deep-seated faults and demonstrate anomalies in the Earth's crust and multistage character of geodynamic cycles, tectonomagmatic and minerogenic processes complicated or transformed by taphrogenesis, separation, and subduction. As a result, ore-forming systems became polygenetic and polychronous, and not only the belts themselves but also their separate constituents (Pt-bearing provinces) consist of many formations. Circum-cratonic zoning marked by Riphean, Paleozoic, and Mesozoic black-shale complexes has been recognized in distribution of Pt-bearing structure-formational complexes. This zoning reflects the geochemical evolution of the Earth's crust and mantle. The objects which are the most promising for platinum metals are localized by higher-rank taphrogenic zones, and the platinoid ore genesis is related to subduction and fluid-thermal phenomena. The relationship between geodynamic processes and Pt-ore-forming systems, as it is described in this paper, reflects, as a rule, general regularities in the metallogeny and geodynamics of the region.

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