Plasmachemical synthesis and evaluation of the thermal conductivity of metal-oxide compounds for prospective nuclear fuel

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The article considers the possibility for direct plasma-chemical synthesis of metal-oxide compounds, containing inclusions of fissile material's dioxide (uranium) and a matrix of beryllium oxide with a high thermal conductivity and a low cross section for the resonant absorption of neutrons from the optimal in composition water-organic nitrate solutions, including the organic component (alcohols, ketones). The results of calculations of the optimal compositions of such solutions are presented and the regimes of their plasma treatment providing direct plasma-chemical synthesis in the air plasma of metal-oxide compounds of the required composition are determined. The results of calculations of the thermal conductivity coefficients of these compositions, consisting of a continuous component (matrix), in which the inclusions from ceramics in the form of uranium dioxide are placed, are presented. The obtained calculated data are compared with the experimental results.

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