Plasma-filled diode with a rod anode for repetitive pulsed X-ray sources

B. M. Kovalchuk, A. A. Zherlitsyn, N. V. Tsoy

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The paper presents a cylindrical diode with a rod anode for repetitive pulsed intense X-ray sources. The diode uses a massive anode of diameter 1 cm, thus increasing the lifetime of the energy converter. The diode gap is preliminary filled with ions produced by cathode flare in a vacuum discharge, allowing electron beam pinching at a voltage of <200 kV. In the mode of pinching, the diode is an efficient source of high-power X rays. At a distance of 20 cm from the X-ray source, the radiation dose per pulse is 0.4 R at a peak power of 7 × 106 R/s. The full-width at half-maximum of the radiation pulse is 40 ns. The power in the diode is 1.8 GW at a beam current of 10 kA and exceeds the maximum power of the generator operating onto a matched load with constant resistance.

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ЖурналLaser and Particle Beams
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