Plasma-filled diode in the electron accelerator on base of a pulsed linear transformer

B. M. Kovalchuk, A. A. Zherlitsyn, N. N. Pedin

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    Technique of a linear transformer allows now to build the generators of high power nanosecond pulses with the current rise time of ~100ns without intermediate power compression stages. This technique is being examined for use in high current high voltage pulsed accelerators. Plasma-filled diode has several advantages over standard vacuum diode that allow to improve the accelerators parameters. In this paper, plasma-filled diode experiments are described on generation of e-beam in the linear transformer accelerator. Possibility of use in the diode of isolated parallel plasma channels has been proven for the e-beam generation with cross-sectional area up to 50cm 2. The beam with current of 100kA at voltage more than 400kV was generated in the plasma-filled diode. Energy transmission efficiency from primary storage into a beam is about 54%.

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