Plasma Dynamic Synthesis of Nanocrystalline WC1 –x and the Dependence of the Product Structure on the Ratio of Precursors

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Abstract: The results of plasma dynamic synthesis of nanocrystalline cubic tungsten carbide using a system based on a coaxial magnetoplasma accelerator are presented. It is found that an atomic ratio of C/W precursors of about 2.5 is necessary to achieve the maximum yield of the unique cubic phase of tungsten carbide WC1 –x (up to 95%). The synthesized materials are analyzed by transmission electron microscopy to assess the formation of the structure of nanocrystalline particles depending on the ratio of carbon and tungsten filling. It is found that particles with a core–shell structure are formed in the system, and the thickness of the shells increases with an increase in the amount of carbon in the mixture of initial components.

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