Plasma-Chemical Deposition of Anti-Reflection and Protective Coating for Infrared Optics

A. S. Grenaderov, K. V. Oskomov, A. A. Solovyev, A. V. Selivanova, M. E. Konishchev

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The films of amorphous hydrogenated carbon doped with Si and O were deposited onto the sample of crystalline silicon by method of plasma-chemical deposition in the mix of polyphenyl methylsiloxane vapors and argon. Physico-mechanical and optical properties of films were examined for their use as anti-reflection and protective coatings in infrared optics devices. Film transparency in the wavelength range of 2.5–8 μm was measured by method of infrared spectroscopy with a Fourier transform. The structure and composition of films were studied by methods of Raman and X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy. Hardness and other mechanical properties of films were determined by nanoindentation. It was shown that the double-sided deposition of a-C:H:SiOx films onto Si plates allows increasing their integrated transmission in the wavelength region of 3– 5 μm from 50 to 87%. The films possess excellent mechanical characteristics, thermal stability in the temperature range from room temperature to 500°С, and resistance to aqueous solutions of salt.

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