Physiology features of smooth muscles vessels of the small circle of blood circulation

L. V. Kapilevich, A. V. Nosarev, I. V. Kovalev, M. B. Baskakov, E. J. Djakova, M. A. Medvedev

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Now sireos problem of pulmonology there are the diseases connected with infringement of coordinated regulation of a tone of smooth muscles of vessels and airways of ways that conducts to dissociation of parameters haemodinamyc and ventilation of lungs and as consequence, to infringement airwave-perfusion attitudes. In the review features humoral regulation contractile activity of smooth muscles of vessels of a small circle of blood circulation, a role of endocellular alarm systems in these mechanisms, and endothelium, as the local modulator endocrine functions are considered. Disgusting muscles of a small circle are distinguished from the main vessels of the big circle of blood circulation with predisposition to the raised mechanical pressure. In spite of the fact that endothelium renders modulating relaxe influence on contractile answers of smooth muscles of vessels of a venous and arterial small circle of blood circulation at action corresponding vasoconstriction, pulmonary veins are capable to endothelium-dependent dilatation to a lesser degree, in comparison with pulmonary arteries. And, on the contrary, in absence endothelium, they are characterized with high sensitivity to vasopression to substances - serotonin, histamine, phenylephrine. Features of regulation smooth muscle pressure pulmonary an artery are shown in contractile reactions of its isolated segments in reply to influence β-adreno agonist - isoprotherenol and phosphoesterase inhibitors. Though, increase in endocellular concentration cyclic nucleotides (cAMP and\or cGMP), on the standard representations, cannot explain growth of a mechanical pressure of smooth muscles, apparently, in contractile reactions of a pulmonary artery to influence biologically and physiologically active substances interfere more complex mechanisms in which basis processes of interaction of smooth muscles cells lay, endothelium and cells of a microenvironment. Finding-out of the contribution cyclic nucleotides in these processes demands the further researches.

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