Physical Characteristics of Foam Glass Modified with Zirconium Dioxide

B. S. Semukhin, Olga Victorovna Kaz'mina, A. Y. Volkova, V. I. Suslyayev

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The paper examines physical properties of foam glass material modified with 0.3 mass% nano-sized zirconium dioxide. It presents experimental data on the foam glass structure on micro- and meso-levels. The authors make a conclusion about influence and mutual subordination of structural levels in the glass materials. The presence of nanocrystallites (25 nm) located in the amorphous matrix in an ordered fashion and the pore packing that is correct from the symmetry standpoint provide for the enhanced strength of the porous structure. Findings show that the introduction of nano-sized zirconium dioxide leads to the emergence of a hierarchical and mutually subordinate system. The paper concludes that small additions of zirconium oxide have a positive effect on physical and mechanical properties of foam glass material.

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ЖурналRussian Physics Journal
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Semukhin, B. S., Kaz'mina, O. V., Volkova, A. Y., & Suslyayev, V. I. (Принято в печать). Physical Characteristics of Foam Glass Modified with Zirconium Dioxide. Russian Physics Journal, 59(12), 1-7.